New Camera Case!

24 Jan

This weekend I posted a quick pic of a little carrying case that I picked up at one of my fav stores back home in TX – A Furniture Fetish.

Only $10, my husband walked up, set it next to me and said we were getting it because it would be perfect to carry his cords and cables. (he’s a musician)
I immediately shook my head no, saying it would make a better makeup carry case, duh!

So we ran out into the street with our guns, cowboy hats and chaps. The whole town gathered around to watch the standoff, but it was called off when we remembered that we’ve been searching very hard to find a fun, unique carrying case for our camera!
Calen likes video just as much as I like taking pics, so we needed to make sure that it wasn’t too manly nor too girly. A vintage box? Perfect!

Take a look! We added some cushioning on the inside to make sure that everything is snug and safe.
I also have a little yellow Kodak camera case that I use to carry my wallet/phone/keys. They’re so cute together 😀
Match made in heaven.


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