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22 Aug

My husband and I tried cooking together tonight! Here are the results..


Sean and Heather – A Powder Paint Engagement

4 Apr

My husband and I just finished a new video! This couple was looking for something a little less traditional for their engagement shoot…
When they mentioned they wanted to incorporate powder paint, we couldn’t have been more excited!

Sean and Heather are such an adorable couple! Capturing their sweet, exciting, and playful love was such a pleasure 🙂

By the way! My husband and I are starting a company called White in Revery! It’s a videography/photography company with a focus on Love, Engagements, and Marriage -the things we’re most passionate about in life 🙂
We’re launching a new website very soon, but we have a few videos already up on our vimeo page at
We also have a FB page!

Volunteering with niceSERVE

2 Mar

Check out a new video I just finished! It’s for a volunteer event called niceSERVE.

niceSERVE is a faith-based event that helps people get involved and volunteer with local non-profits. I grabbed a little video footage as I was taking photos at the event to help show how much fun it is to get involved!

This video was shot with a Canon T3i on a 50mm 1.8 lens.
The song is Boy Lilikoi by Jonsi