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Patrick and Kimberly (The Proposal)

24 Apr

Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a proposal video that I’ve loved so much! Patrick and Kimberly are great friends of ours, so it is so great to see how perfectly this came together!

How good is this video, you ask? Well, let’s just say they had 5,000 views within the first day of it being posted.. It’s not even a week old and they are almost at 20,000 views! How crazy is that?!
It’s just that good 🙂

I’m totally in love with everything about this video, but my favorite part is the end when she is just soo awestruck. It’s the most adorable thing ever! Grab a little tissue and get ready to watch this cute little video!

Shutter Life Productions are the people behind this video, so be sure to check out more of their stuff! They’re incredible!


Patrick and Kimberly (The Proposal) from Shutter Life Productions on Vimeo.

Ben and Juliet – Engagement Video!

13 Mar

Take a look at this adorable couple! My friend Julia from DarlingJuliet.com had a cute little engagement shoot with Ben and Juliet and we tagged along to grab a little video footage of it all.
You can find it all here!



Joshua and Britney -engagement

21 Feb

We’ve been so excited to take pics of this couple, partially because they’re old friends of ours and partially because of how adorable they are together!
This is officially our first engagement shoot 🙂

My husband knows Josh, so he came along with me and took a shot or two. Enjoy!