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Ohh Hurricane Season

6 Sep

Oh it’s hurricane season.. Why can’t we jut throw fireballs back?!
M for ‘Merica!



Miss Katerina, my lap dog

26 Jan

The summer before my husband and I started dating, I bought a dog.
Honestly, I was having an emotional day and couldn’t help but stop when I saw a truck in the parking lot of Walmart (LOL) with a basket of puppies in it.
Sometimes, a girl just needs to hold a puppy. Am I right?

I asked how much they cost and the guy said $20. I looked around a little… contemplating..
“I’ll give you the female for $10”. hahaha SOLD

So here we are almost 6 years later. Great pals. She once fit in the palm of my hand, now she fits perfectly in my lap.
She is the smile I see when I get home everyday. She entertains my husband, wrestling and playing tricks.

Best of all, she LOVES for me to dress her up! She literally holds poses when I have a camera out too! I dressed her up as a hipster dog today. I asked if she wanted her lensless glasses but she said there were becoming too mainstream.
Introducing, Katerina!