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24 Jun

I’m back! Back home, and it feels so good..
In the past month’s time, we’ve been to Texas for 9 days, Tennessee for 3, and North Carolina for 7… It was a blast of course, but I missed my bed and the comfort of my own home so much!

This wasn’t our first time to Nashville, but it definitely was our first time to really enjoy the city, and boy did we! *flashbacks to Karaoke and singing my heart out to Taylor Swift hahaha
We were there for an old friend’s wedding. The day after, we met up with a few friends that we have there and had them show us the town!

Here are a few pics from this wing of our trip.

This is my friend Krissy Leigh 🙂
We had only met once in real life before this pic, but quickly started following each other online and I honestly just adore this girl! We mainly keep up with each other via Instagram.
I feel like we would be great friends if we lived in the same town. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is just soo sweet 🙂

We had two other friends that we met up with named James Roquemore (center dude) and Rob. They showed us around Nashville a bit 🙂

At one point, James took us to the Pantheon. It had just rain and the sky turned SOOO purple! Calen grabbed this photo of me haha
I didn’t adjust any coloring on it just so you can see how purple the sky was! Crazy.