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Florida Film Festival

21 Apr

Florida Film Festival last weekend! It was too much fun 🙂
I had a small little vocal part in a movie called Renee the Movie (http://reneethemovie.com/ umm hello Kat Dennings and Chad Michael Murray!!) so it was neat to see the movie for the first time and watch my name go across the screen in theaters 🙂
My husband played a big part in the movie, ESP with the soundtrack and building the website, so it was a big day for him for sure!!

My friend Katie and I ran outside during the after party and grabbed a few pics of each other haha
Here are my fav of me! I’ll probably post more from the night a little later



Ben and Juliet – Engagement Video!

13 Mar

Take a look at this adorable couple! My friend Julia from DarlingJuliet.com had a cute little engagement shoot with Ben and Juliet and we tagged along to grab a little video footage of it all.
You can find it all here!




I saw a little angel today..

25 Feb

I saw a little angel today..

..and she gave me a smile. Such a precious little gift.

Ready for Weekend Adventures!

24 Feb

What will you be doing this weekend? I’ll be volunteering at an event called NiceServe!  There is no better feeling than getting involved with your community and doing a little volunteer work!
I cannot wait!

I have a few weekend adventure inspo for you all though. A few weekends ago, my husband and I found the closest green patch that the map on our phone GPS’s gave us and we made a picnic date of it!
Here are a few pics from our day.

Hahah, we’re not sure where this camo kid in crocs came from… He just whipped right out of nowhere and whizzed right by us..


Grand Piano

23 Feb

Anyone else out there married to a musician?

My husband is seriously such an incredible pianist (*googly eyes) He’s been playing since he was a kiddo, so honestly sometimes he composes a melody better than sentences. It’s adorable
Recently a friend of ours invited us to her house to record a little. I brought my camera along to snag a few pics of them. I mean, what wifey doesn’t want pics of her handsome man playing the piano? 🙂

Needless to say, we had a blast that night. This was the same night I snagged that pic of their puppy laying down on their cords. You can find those sweet little puppy eyes here.

Here are just a few other pics from the night!

Joshua and Britney -engagement

21 Feb

We’ve been so excited to take pics of this couple, partially because they’re old friends of ours and partially because of how adorable they are together!
This is officially our first engagement shoot 🙂

My husband knows Josh, so he came along with me and took a shot or two. Enjoy!


Be Mine OPP Fashion Shoot Behind the Scenes

13 Feb

Take a look! I made a little Behind the Scenes video for my friend Julia Arielle Cox!
She’s an INCREDIBLE photographer, so it was super excited to get to tag along and try to capture these moments on film 🙂

You can find the full post here at www.whatisagaltodo.com/
Here’s a little teaser pic for you too. Go check out her stuff!

Like the clothes you see? They were all provided by Other People’s Propery (OPP, as we call it)
You can find more here!