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Ohh Hurricane Season

6 Sep

Oh it’s hurricane season.. Why can’t we jut throw fireballs back?!
M for ‘Merica!



Groundhog Day!

2 Feb

I’m sure you’ve probably figured this out already. It’s Groundhog Day! Ole’ Phil saw his shadow, so we’re expecting 6 more weeks of winter…

What a silly tradition, right? I mean, how did that even come about? Does this little groundhog live every day of it’s life in fear of a silly shadow?
Haha it’s so strange, but whatever.  I still get kind of excited about it.. I don’t think I could ever explain why.

So 6 more weeks of Winter, right? I beg to differ. Here in FL, we don’t even get a winter.. As a matter of fact, we really don’t even get a Fall! We get 1-2 day cold fronts. The weather goes down to the 40’s and people start freaking out as if they’re going to get frostbite if they go outside haha.

I mean, I’m not complaining too much. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, but I do kind of wish that I could play in the snow and wear cute layered outfits in the fall.
One day we’ll move to the colder states. Until then, I’ll just be livin’ in the sunshine, lovin’ in the moonlight, havin’ a wonderful time!